Come experience GYROKINESIS® exercise in a therapeutic environment.

S.P.A. Umbergē

790 Huff Road, NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Park in Walton Westside Visitor Parking

To schedule, try one of the following:

  1. Call John Umberger - 404.697.6306
  2. Reserve immediately via the MindBody Connect App on iPhone.
  3. Visit our Online Schedule and Sign Up.

If none of the times work for you, call me.

I would love to hear from you. - John

  • Why is it called a S.P.A.?

    S.P.A. is an ancient Latin phrase that means: Sanus Per Aquam or "Health through Water." Water is an essential nutrient and our favorite cleanser.


    GYROKINESIS® exercise increases circulation and hydrates the entire body. Our therapeutic showerheads  support this cleansing movement pattern by stimulating circulation for better recovery and deeper results. Our water is incredible at S.P.A. Umbergē.


    Our showerheads create water that is more cleansing and hydrating. Every treatment is relaxing, and refreshing for the whole body. Paring of infrared heat exposure with GYROKINESIS® exercise is specifically S.P.A. Umbergē.

  • Who is Teaching?

    Mr. John A. C. Umberger has a passion for healing and effective therapeutics stemming from his own experience of rehabilitating injuries and curiosity about his own internal landscape.


    In December of 2010, Mr. Umberger was struck as a pedestrian by a car while crossing North Ave. in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite being in the crosswalk, he suffered a tubular plateau fracture and rehabilitated his injuries using GYROTONIC® Equipment in Washington, DC.


    Back in Atlanta, John has incorporated his perspective as a GYROKINESIS® Apprentice throughout his curriculum at Georgia Tech. Mr. Umberger has done international research on somatic exercise and small businesses in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Spain.  John compared Pilates, Yoga, GYROTONIC® equipment and GYROKINESIS® classes in their economic realities.


    In America, Mr. Umberger has a taste for Yamuna Body Rolling, GYROTONIC® equipment and Infrared heat and GYROKINESIS® exercise. John's research interests are the mechanisms of consciousness and inspiration within connective tissue, and one's perception of their own internal landscape.

  • What's in the Store?

    Our signature product is a sequence of GYROKINESIS® exercise and Infrared Hydrotherepy at home with one of our Cera Showerheads.


    In the studio you can use our therapeutic cork mats. At home clients are encouraged to use the CERA Showerheads before and after class for deeper sweats during exercise and faster recovery  - it's a unique technology from S.P.A. Umbergē.

  • How to Sign Up?

    • Call John Umberger - 404.697.6306


    If none of the times work for you, call me.

    I would love to hear from you. - John

  • What You Should Bring.

    Yourself and just a towel, maybe a joke.


    The stools we use, and the cork mats mats will be waiting for you.


    Please hydrate before class, and if possible rinse off with one of our CERA Showerheads at home.

  • Where to Park.

    Visit us in West Midtown!

    There are many visitor parking spots waiting for you at Walton Westside.

    You can also park along the street on Foster Street, but please do not get tempted to park at Forsyth Fabrics.


    790 Huff Road, NW

    Atlanta, Georgia 30318


    Once you park, call and we will meet at the studio space by the pool or Chattahoochee Coffee Company.

    John Umberger