Come experience GYROKINESIS® exercise in a therapeutic environment.

S.P.A. Umbergē

790 Huff Road, NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Park in Walton Westside Visitor Parking

To schedule, try one of the following:

  1. Call John Umberger - 404.697.6306
  2. Reserve immediately via the MindBody Connect App on iPhone.
  3. Visit our Online Schedule and Sign Up.

If none of the times work for you, call me.

I would love to hear from you. - John

Mr. John A. Clary Umberger serves as Therapeutic Chancellor for S.P.A. Umbergē.

John founded the S.P.A. after discovering SAISEIKO's water activation process and the GYROTONIC® method while rehabilitating his knee in Washington DC.

After two years of physical therapy, John had completely rehabilitated his knee. Even after removing the hardware, he and his surgeon were surprised, John had increased the amount of joint space in his injured knee with the  GYROTONIC® equipment.

Today John teaches as a GYROKINESIS® apprentice at his Studio in West Midtown and  all over the city of Atlanta.

The CERA therapeutic hydrothermal ceramic showerheads at S.P.A. Umbergē are part of John's interest in making the most advanced water for therapy and exercise.

John also makes exercise mats out of cork, silicone, neoprene, and recycled tires for

S.P.A. Umbergē.