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The CERA Elite-13H features water in three distinct environments

from its intuitive bezel dial: Mist, Normal, Jet.

Both CERA Air-11H and CERA Bloom-07K are designed to conserve

water and feature a refreshing therapeutic rhythm.

The Secret of our CERA Showerheads

Each unit uses a two stage ceramic process that includes friction to activate water. The showerhead uses two types of patented ceramic elements made from all natural minerals which are fired at extreme temperatures to mimic bedrock encountered by percolating groundwater.

Water becomes softer at it crashes over the ceramic elements. The Far-Infrared effect from the ceramic breaks up clusters of water molecules, allowing them to travel more independently. These structural changes create water that is more cleansing while moisturizing more effectively.

On the skin, smaller amounts of soap produce richer lathers, rinsing is quicker with CERA.

Far-Infrared transfers lasting warmth beneath the skin to deeper tissues, dilating capillaries and increasing circulation. Infrared saunas and Infrared grills use this same bandwidth of heat.

CERA Elite 13-H

A cleansing mist, accurate shower, and therapeutic massage are all possible on the Elite -13H.


The mist will stimulate you in hydration. It’s powerful enough to rinse out lathers, yet gentle enough for the face. The system’s ceramic induced structural changes to the water are magnified in this incredible, negative ion packed mist.


The tri-stream is a powerful massage. The mechanics of the Cera Elite-13H alternate the volume of water in each jet, creating an effective, and targeted therapeutic rhythm.


The normal shower is gentle and accurate. Off the hook and in hand, its long reach will closely tackle legs, and feet. Cera Elite-13H connects directly to the spout with an adjustable mount and integrated hose.



CERA Bloom 07-K

The Cera Bloom-07K mixes air with water in addition to the two stage ceramic hydro-activation process. The water is refreshingly dispersed in a gentle pulsing rhythm with a wide cascade, rinsing off fatigue and reducing water consumption.

CERA Air 11-H

The CERA Air-11H is a handheld unit and uses the same amount of ceramic as CERA Elite 13-H, but mixes air with water creating a pulsating steam. It’s refreshing and water saving just like  Bloom-07K.

S.P.A. Umbergē Travel Mat

Designed for the Filson Small Duffel Bag.

This miniature mat is layered cork, silicon, neoprene and recycled tires.